The metaverse

It is already here, just not evenly distributed

1 min readMay 7, 2022


tl;dr: The future may take two paths: dystopian, or utopian.

In the dystopian path:

  1. The real world is terrible: jobs are stressful, provide low wages, and escaping reality is necessary.
  2. Jobs require people to leave their home country, friends, and family. With each family member requiring a job distant from each other, the only way to reunite with the family is the Internet, and the metaverse provides this social connection.
  3. The metaverse is the “normal” life, that stays out of reach for everybody, a fictional utopia, in contrast with the “real” life.

In the utopian path:

  1. Jobs allow for people to develop their full potential and are rewarding. Some people make good money in the metaverse, as content creators.
  2. Offices do not exist, people work from the metaverse, and stay close to their families. They hug their families, and coworkers cannot touch them.1
  3. The metaverse is both the “work” life for some, and an “extraordinary” life for others, experiencing fantasy worlds. The “real” life and “normal” life are the same, and are a “good” life.

One company is heavily invested in one path, while another company has significant stakes on the other. Nobody knows what the future will bring, but given the choice, I think we should strive for the utopian path. Otherwise, if not given the choice, we should fight for the utopian path.

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