Decreasing the pace

Three things happened in quick succession in the past few weeks:

  1. News got too interesting, and started to consume more of my time.
  2. Social networks got unsatisfying: I did more scrolling to find less.
  3. I started to contribute to the problem of “more quantity, less quality”.

It is time to push in the opposite direction: Increase quality, and decrease quantity. At least one of the two is easy, by decreasing the frequency.

This also gives me the opportunity to insert additional “timely” entries in between the scheduled ones, when needed. Similar to the use of non-consecutive line numbers for old programming languages.

black and white 10 print

PD: a usual problem: I write about a topic, and then I write about it again. That is wrong.

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I write to have links to point at when discussing something (DRY). Topics around computers, AI, and cybernetics, i.e. anything.